Call for nominations for the following elected committees:

The Committee on Committees and the Divisional Executive Committees are seeking nominations for the following elected committees:

Divisional Executive Committees [FPP 4.] - Advises deans and directors about appointments and promotions to tenure, names Hilldale Award recipients and Hilldale Lecture Series speakers, and makes appointments to standing and ad hoc committees. Four faculty members elected in each division to serve 3-year terms.

Graduate Faculty Executive Committee [FPP 3.07.] – Reviews graduate programs. Allocates flexible resources to various uses, such as fellowships, support of individual investigators, matching funds for facilities grants, funding for new faculty, and awards. Makes policy and budget decisions for service facilities and research centers administered by the Graduate School. Appoints to committees of the Graduate School.

University Committee [FPP 6.54.] - The executive committee of the Faculty Senate; represents the faculty in major policy matters, and serves as the faculty’s grievance committee except for matters within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities. Two faculty members elected to serve 3 year terms.

University Library Committee [FPP 6.46.] - Serves as the faculty advisory body for policy and planning for libraries throughout the university, including the General Library System. Two faculty members elected to serve 4 year terms.

University Research Council [FPP 6.59.] - Advises the vice chancellor for research and graduate education (VCRGE) on the overall UW-Madison research enterprise, 


Current committee membership, reports, and additional information:

To nominate a colleague or yourself, please contact the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty: