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Recipients of Honorary Degrees Conferred by the UW-Madison

Year Recipient Degree Nominating Unit
2013 Richard B. Alley
Leading authority on glaciology and paleoclimatology
Doctor of Science Geoscience
Dale Chihuly
Innovative glass artist
Doctor of Fine Arts Art
Errol Morris
Leading practitioner of documentary filmmaking
Doctor of Humane Letters Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research
2012 Robert M. Engelke
Innovator and technological leader in telecommunications accessibility
Doctor of Science Electrical and Computer Engineering, Life Sciences Communication
2011 Robert W. Kastenmeier
Former member, U.S. House of Representatives
Doctor of Laws Law School
Kenneth R. and Ruth M. Wright
Paleohydrologists, water resource advocates
Doctor of Science (joint) Civil and Environmental Engineering
2010 Ned W. Bechthold
Technological and innovative business leader, advocate for the underprivileged
Doctor of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering
Robert G. Bush
Innovative businessman and civic leader
Doctor of Science Food Research Institute, Center for Dairy Research, Food Science
Judith R. Faulkner
Computer scientist and business entrepreneur
Doctor of Science Computer Sciences
Wade Fetzer III
Higher education advocate
Doctor of Humane Letters School of Education, College of Letters and Science, School of Business, School of Human Ecology, Division of International Studies
Milton Friend
Wildlife scientist, scholar and educator
Doctor of Science School of Veterinary Medicine, Pathobiological Sciences, Environmental Studies
2009 Kyung J. Kwon-Chung
Preeminent molecular mycologist
Doctor of Science Bacteriology, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Pediatrics
Sheldon B. Lubar
Entrepreneur, community leader and public servant
Doctor of Humane Letters Lubar Institute, School of Business
Joan W. Scott
Scholar, champion of academic freedom
Doctor of Humane Letters History, Gender and Women's Studies
Oliver Smithies
Distinguished scientist, Nobel laureate
Doctor of Science Genetics
2008 John E. Ahern
Influential businessman, community leader
Doctor of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering
John W. Rowe
Energy industry leader, community benefactor
Doctor of Humane Letters and Science Engineering Physics, History
2007 Leslie H. Hicks
Distinguished scientist, educator and graduate mentor
Doctor of Science Psychology
Alan G. MacDiarmid
Distinguished chemist and scholar
Doctor of Science (posthumous) Chemistry
2006 Oscar C. Boldt
Distinguished businessman and community leader
Doctor of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering
Florence Chenoweth
Executive director of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, advocate for the poor
Doctor of Humane Letters College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
William L. Ogren
Distinguished plant biologist
Doctor of Science Botany
Karen Odessa Piper
Culinary artist, advocate for sustainability in the food and agricultural system
Doctor of Humane Letters Integrated Agricultural Systems, Rural Sociology
Robert Segalman
Social worker, advocate for people with disabilities, founder of STS (Speech to Speech)
Doctor of Science School of Social Work, Sociology
2005 William C. Campbell
Distinguished parasitologist and pharmacologist
Doctor of Science Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences, Pathobiological Sciences
2004 George Archibald
Wildlife conservationist
Doctor of Science Wildlife Ecology, Environmental Studies
André De Shields
Award-winning actor, mentor
Doctor of Fine Arts Afro-American Studies, Theatre and Drama
Florence Howe
Writer, scholar, founder of field of women's studies
Doctor of Humane Letters English
Nancy Oestreich Lurie
Anthropologist, museum curator
Doctor of Humane Letters Anthropology, American Indian Studies
June E. Osborn
Public health leader, educator, physician
Doctor of Science Pharmacology
Pleasant T. Rowland
Educator, author, philanthropist
Doctor of Humane Letters Human Ecology
2003 Carl J. Anderson
Computer engineer, scientist
Doctor of Science Physics
Charlene Barshefsky
Attorney, former U.S. trade representative
Doctor of Laws LaFollette School of Public Affairs
Neuma F. de Aguiar
Sociologist, scholar of women and development issues
Doctor of Science Rural Sociology
2002 Lewis A. Barness
Pediatrician, pediatric researcher, teacher
Doctor of Science Pediatrics
Ruth Gruber
Journalist and human rights activist
Doctor of Humane Letters Jewish Studies
John Harbison
World-renowned composer
Doctor of Fine Arts Music
Norman J. Latker
Attorney, patent counsel, patent examiner
Doctor of Laws Biochemistry
David S. Ruder
Law professor, dean, public servant
Doctor of Laws Law
2001 Pratima Kale
Humanitarian addressing challenges of world's poorest women and children
Doctor of Humane Letters Educational Policy Studies
George B. Schaller
Preeminent field biologist, environmentalist
Doctor of Science Zoology
2000 Ali Ahmed Attiga
International leader, economist; authority on petroleum-based energy policies
Doctor of Science Agricultural and Applied Economics
Uta Hagen
Legendary actress, acting teacher
Doctor of Fine Arts Afro-American Studies
Harvey K. Littleton
Artist, founder of studio glass movement
Doctor of Fine Arts Art
Ernest Micek
Distinguished national and global businessman
Doctor of Science Chemical Engineering
Seymour Schwartz
Renowned surgeon, respected cartographer
Doctor of Science Surgery, Geography
1999 Hélène Cixous
Writer, critic, teacher
Doctor of Letters French and Italian
Enid Gilbert-Barness
Authority in pediatric pathology
Doctor of Science Medical School
Nathan Heffernan
Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice
Doctor of Laws Law School
John Reynolds
Sr. Judge on the U.S. District Court
Doctor of Laws Law School
Chai-Anan Samudavanija
Leading Thai social scientist
Doctor of Laws Political Science
1998 Paul D. Boyer
Biochemist and researcher
Doctor of Science Institute for Enzyme Research
Raymond Damadian
Researcher; inventor of MRI
Doctor of Science Physics
Tenzin Gyatso
14th Dalai Lama
Doctor of Laws South Asian Studies
Jean Johnson
Founder of modern nursing research methods
Doctor of Science School of Nursing
Alejandro Portes
International sociologist
Doctor of Science Rural Sociology
Walter Renk
Agricultural leader
Doctor of Science Agricultural and Applied Economics
1997 Lawrence S. Eagleburger
Foreign policy leader
LL.D. International Studies and Programs
Sam Gilliam
Artist; teacher and educator
D.F.A. Art
Alice R. McPherson
International retina specialist
Sc.D. Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Donald E. Osterbrock
Astronomer; historian of science; astrophysicist
Sc.D. Astronomy
Charles E. Rosenberg
Historian of science and medicine
L.H.D. History of Medicine, History of Science
Gilbert Stork
Organic chemist and educator
Sc.D. Chemistry
1996 Etta Zuber Falconer
Mathematics educator
Sc.D. Mathematics
Frances Keesler Graham
Developmental psychologist
Sc.D. Psychology
Ralph H. Hirschmann
Sc.D. Chemistry
Frederick Mancheski
Distinguished business leader
Sc.D. Mechanical Engineering
Robert Serber
Theoretical physicist
Sc.D. Physics
James Tobin
Nobel Prize recipient in economics
LL.D. Economics
1995 Stephen Edward Ambrose
Prominent American historian
L.H.D. History
Carl Djerassi
Outstanding chemist
Sc.D. Chemistry
Winfred P. Lehmann
Linguist and educator
L.H.D. German
Abner Joseph Mikva
Lawyer, legislator, judge
LL.D. Law
Roy F. Weston
Environmental engineer
Sc.D. Environmental Studies
1994 Robert Kemp Adair
High energy physics leader
Sc.D. Physics
Gro Harlem Brundtland
Prime Minister of Norway
LL.D. Scandinavian Studies
Anna S. Halprin
Dancer/innovative choreographer
D.F.A. Dance Program
John P. Morgridge
Electronic communications executive
Sc.D. Computer Sciences, School of Business
Robert B. L. Murphy
Prominent lawyer, history supporter
LL.D. Law School
John R. Searle
Professor of philosophy
L.H.D. English, Philosophy
1993 Linda Harman Aiken Sc.D.  
Gertrude B. Elion Sc.D.  
Ody J. Fish LL.D.  
Alejandro Foxley LL.D.  
Erwin Neher Sc.D.  
1992 Jajah Koswara Sc.D.  
William Wilson Morgan Sc.D.  
Spencer Gilbert Shaw L.H.D.  
I. Bernard Weinstein Sc.D.  
1991 Laxmangudi K. Doraiswamy Sc.D.  
Leopold Sedar Senghor L.H.D.  
Mabel M. Smythe-Haith LL.D.  
John Szarkowski D.F.A.  
1990 Barbara Jean Brandiff Crabb LL.D.  
Owen Justus Gromme L.H.D.  
Jack St. Clair Kilby Sc.D.  
Alan Schneider L.H.D. (posthumous)  
Norton David Zinder Sc.D.  
1989 Lawrence A. Cremin Sc.D.  
Otis Dudly Duncan Sc.D.  
Thelma Estrin Sc.D.  
Walter Mirisch Sc.D.  
Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Sc.D.  
Eleanor Holmes Norton LL.D.  
Jose Pastore Sc.D.  
Leon E. Rosenberg Sc.D.  
1988 Charles Crane Bradley Doctor of Environmental Science  
Nina Leopold Bradley Doctor of Environmental Science  
Raymond George Herb Sc.D.  
Sir Ronald Syme L.H.D.  
1987 John Vincent Atanasoff Sc.D.  
Martin Mark Kaplan Sc.D.  
Charles Selden McNeer LL.D.  
1986 Roy Hertz Sc.D.  
Motoo Kimura Sc.D.  
Ardis Krainik L.H.D.  
Gaylord A. Nelson LL.D.  
Wallace Stegner Litt.D.  
1985 Jerrold Lewis Bock L.H.D.  
Eppie Lederer (Ann Landers) L.H.D.  
Joyce Carol Oates Litt.D.  
George Tipler LL.D.  
1984 Alfred Robert Bader Sc.D.  
Orville George Bentley Sc.D.  
Joyce Carol Oates Litt.D.  
Russell Wilbur Peterson LL.D.  
Evelyn Steenbock L.H.D.  
Paul Vanderbilt L.H.D.  
1983 Gay Wilson Allen Litt.D.  
James Edward Doyle LL.D.  
Philip Levine Sc.D.  
Joseph Losey L.H.D.  
Emmett Gamaliel Solomon L.H.D.  
Monkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan Sc.D.  
1982 Daniel Gaskill Aldrich, Jr. Sc.D.  
Ethel Kullmann Allen Sc.D.  
Marie Davis Gadsden L.H.D.  
Melvin Robert Laird LL.D.  
Leonard Solomon Silk L.H.D.  
Esmond Emerson Snell Sc.D.  
1981 Germaine Bree L.H.D.  
Nicholas Geoffrey Lempriere Hammond L.H.D.  
Benjamin Arthur Quarles L.H.D.  
Dennis Wallace Watson Sc.D.  
Robert Henry Wentorf Sc.D.  
1980 Luna Bergere Leopold Sc.D.  
Eric John Underwood Sc.D.  
Dale Wasserman L.H.D.  
1979 Gene Myron Amdahl Sc.D.  
Fernando Garcia Roel Sc.D.  
Ray David Owen Sc.D.  
Veda Wright Stone L.H.D.  
Manfred Eric Swarsensky L.H.D.  
1978 Walter G. Hollander LL.D.  
Joseph Aaron Pechman LL.D.  
John Edward Reinhardt LL.D.  
Stanislaw Marcin Ulam Sc.D.  
1977 Arthur Joseph Heisdorf Sc.D.  
Otto Luening D.F.A.  
Oscar Gustave Mayer LL.D.  
George Molinaro LL.D.  
Mary Fowler Rennebohm LL.D.  
1976 Walter James Burke LL.D.  
George Robert Currie LL.D.  
Emily Hahn L.H.D.  
Har Gobind Khorana Sc.D.  
Guillermo Soberon Sc.D.  
1975 Thomas Edward Fairchild LL.D.  
Martha Elizabeth Peterson L.H.D.  
Jane Werner Watson L.H.D.  
George Prior Wollard Sc.D.  
1974 Marshall Clagett L.H.D.  
Catherine Blanchard Cleary LL.D.  
Ada Elizabeth Deer L.H.D.  
Stanford Moore Sc.D.  
Arthur Charles Nielsen, Sr. Sc.D.  
Hezikiah Adedunmola Oluwasanmi LL.D.  
1973 Paul Erdos Sc.D.  
Mark Hoyt Ingraham L.H.D.  
Warren Perley Knowles LL.D.  
William David Knox LL.D.  
1972 Ira Lawrence Baldwin Sc.D.  
Karl Henry Beyer, Jr. Sc.D.  
Gwendolyn Brooks Litt.D.  
Margaret H'Doubler Claxton D.F.A.  
William Gardner Harley LL.D.  
Sigurd Ferdinand Olson Sc.D.  
1971 Edward 'Duke' Kennedy Ellington Mus.D.  
Howard Palfrey Jones LL.D.  
Frederick Merk L.H.D.  
William S. Middleton Sc.D.  
A. Matt Werner LL.D.  
1970 William Oscar Beers LL.D.  
C. Moreau Jansky, Jr. Sc.D.  
Jay Laurence Lush Sc.D.  
Russell I. Thackrey LL.D.  
Lewis George Weeks Sc.D.  
Harry Richard Wellman LL.D.  
1969 John King Fairbank L.H.D.  
Robben Wright Fleming LL.D.  
Karl August Folkers Sc.D.  
Einar Ingvald Haugen L.H.D.  
Walter Wolfgang Heller LL.D.  
Alexander Hollaender Sc.D.  
1968 Howard Hathaway Aiken Sc.D.  
John Doar LL.D.  
Theodore William Schultz LL.D.  
Albert Edward Whitford Sc.D.  
1967 Robert Justus Kleberg Sc.D.  
Joshua Lederberg Sc.D.  
Nathan M. Pusey Litt.D.  
Louis Byrne Slichter Sc.D.  
Carl Emil Steiger LL.D.  
1966 Oscar James Campbell Litt.D.  
Marquis William Childs Litt.D.  
Wilbur Joseph Cohen LL.D.  
Farrington Daniels Sc.D.  
M. D. Patel Sc.D.  
Emanuel Ruben Piore Sc.D.  
1965 Arthur Clay Cope Sc.D.  
Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck LL.D.  
William Richard Kellett Sc.D.  
Karl Augustus Menninger Sc.D.  
William Willard Wirtz LL.D.  
Sewall Wright Sc.D.  
1964 Lloyd Kirkham Garrison LL.D.  
Victor Irwin Maier LL.D.  
Alexander Meiklejohn Litt.D.  
Donald Charles Slichter LL.D.  
Edward Lawrie Tatum Sc.D.  
1963 Herbert Fisk Johnson LL.D.  
George Frost Kennan LL.D.  
William Beverly Murphy LL.D.  
1962 Leland John Haworth Sc.D.  
Oscar Rennebohm LL.D.  
Mark Schorer Litt.D.  
Whitney North Seymour LL.D.  
1961 Mary Ingraham Bunting Sc.D.  
Donald William Kerst Sc.D.  
Louis Paul Lochner Litt.D.  
Arleigh William Schorger Sc.D.  
Harold Willis Story LL.D.  
1960 John Bardeen Sc.D.  
Edmund Fitzgerald LL.D.  
Thor Johnson Mus.D.  
Golda Meir LL.D.  
Haakon Ingolf Romnes LL.D.  
1959 John David Jones LL.D.  
Samuel Lenher Sc.D.  
John Solon Lord LL.D.  
Frederic March L.H.D.  
James Lewis Morrill LL.D.  
1958 Edwin Broun Fred LL.D.  
Wilder Graves Penfield Sc.D.  
1957 Lee Alvin DuBridge Sc.D.  
Keith Stratton McHugh LL.D.  
Edward Steichen D.F.A.  
1956 Benjamin Minge Duggar Sc.D.  
William John Hagenah LL.D.  
Charles Kenneth Leith LL.D.  
Edward Joseph O'Donnell LL.D.  
Herbert Victor Prochnow LL.D.  
1955 Jacob Frank Friedrick LL.D.  
Lillian Moller Gilbreth Sc.D.  
Frank Lloyd Wright D.F.A.  
1954 Gergory Breit Sc.D.  
Earnest Albert Hooton Litt.D.  
Asuncion Arriola Perez LL.D.  
Elvin Charles Stakman Sc.D.  
Eudora Welty Litt.D.  
1953 David Clark Everest LL.D.  
Oscar Marion Fritz LL.D.  
Arnold Lucius Gesell Sc.D.  
Grayson Louis Kirk LL.D.  
Helen Rogers Reid LL.D.  
1952 Thomas E. Brittingham, Jr. LL.D.  
F. Ryan Duffy LL.D.  
Solomon C. Hollister Sc.D.  
Ko Kuei Chen Sc.D.  
1951 Ira B. Cross LL.D.  
Herold C. Hunt LL.D.  
Mary Woodard Lasker LL.D.  
Oscar G. Mayer LL.D.  
Ralph M. Waters Sc.D.  
1950 John Callahan LL.D.  
George W. Mead LL.D.  
Frank B. Morrison Sc.D.  
Philip D. Reed LL.D.  
Lily R. Taylor Litt.D.  
1949 Lucia R. Briggs LL.D.  
Kenneth F. Burgess LL.D.  
Esther Forbes Litt.D.  
Harry J. Grant LL.D.  
Edwin B. Hart Sc.D.  
Howard M. Jones Litt.D.  
Herbert V. Kohler LL.D.  
Trygve Lie LL.D.  
Walter J. Meek Sc.D.  
William Schuman Mus.D.  
Frank J. Sensenbrenner LL.D.  
Sumner H. Slichter LL.D.  
Eugene P. Wigner Sc.D.  
1948 Omar N. Bradley LL.D.  
Alice C. Evans Sc.D.  
Harold S. Falk LL.D.  
Warren Weaver LL.D.  
1947 George I. Haight LL.D.  
John H. Van Vleck Sc.D.  
1946 Stanley C. Allyn LL.D.  
Herman B. Wells LL.D.  
Alexander Wetmore Sc.D.  
1945 Herbert E. Bolton Litt.D.  
Edward J. Dempsey LL.D.  
Cornelius A. Harper LL.D.  
William E. Wickenden LL.D.  
1944 Herman L. Ekern LL.D.  
Arthur J. Glover LL.D.  
Jesse T. Littleton Sc.D.  
1943 Henry A. Bullis LL.D.  
Henry F. Helmholz Sc.D.  
William D. Leahy LL.D.  
1942 Hu Shih LL.D.  
Douglas MacArthur LL.D.  
Georgia O'Keefe Litt.D.  
Edgar E. Robinson LL.D.  
1941 Joseph E. Davies LL.D.  
Lynn Fontanne Litt.D.  
Herbert S. Gasser Sc.D.  
Alfred Lunt Litt.D.  
1940 David A. Crawford LL.D.  
Gertrude E. Slaughter Litt.D.  
John D. Wickhem LL.D.  
1939 Arthur J. Altmeyer LL.D.  
Daniel W. Hoan LL.D.  
Hans V. Kaltenborn LL.D.  
Roy C. Muir Eng.D.  
Olav, Crown Prince of Norway LL.D.  
1938 Robert M. LaFollette, Jr. LL.D.  
Katharine F. Lenroot LL.D.  
Harry Steenbock Sc.D.  
1937 Martha McChesney Berry LL.D.  
Harry A. Curtis Sc.D.  
William O. Hotchkiss LL.D.  
Jens Jensen Litt.D.  
William S. Kies M.A.  
David Riesman LL.D.  
1936 John E. Baker LL.D.  
Isaiah Bowman LL.D.  
Rezeau Brown Sc.D.  
Katharine Cornell Litt.D.  
Joseph Erlanger Sc.D.  
Douglas S. Freeman Litt.D.  
Francis J. Haas LL.D.  
Lewis R. Jones Sc.D.  
Grant Wood Litt.D.  
1935 Gilbert A. Bliss Sc.D.  
James B. Conant Sc.D.  
Arthur H. Curtis LL.D.  
Cordell Hull LL.D.  
Frederic L. Paxton Litt.D.  
Thomas D. Thacher LL.D.  
1934 John A. Carpenter Mus.D.  
Karl T. Compton LL.D.  
Robert B. Goodman LL.D.  
William S. Kies M.A.  
Baron MacMillian LL.D.  
Albert R. Mann LL.D.  
John L. Savage Sc.D.  
Karl Young Litt.D.  
1933 James Aston Sc.D.  
Rufus C. Dawes LL.D.  
Evan A. Evans LL.D.  
Ransom A. Moore M.A.  
Walter C. Mendenhall Sc.D.  
Edna St. Vincent Millay Litt.D.  
Frances Perkins LL.D.  
Henry C. Taylor LL.D.  
1932 Grace Abbott LL.D.  
Charles R. Bardeen LL.D.  
William A. Craigie Litt.D.  
Camillo von Klentze Litt.D.  
Daniel W. Mead LL.D.  
O. F. von Prittwitz und Gaffron LL.D.  
1931 Irving W. Bailey Sc.D.  
Charles E. Brown M.A.  
John R. Commons LL.D.  
Thomas J. Walsh LL.D.  
Harry F. Ward LL.D.  
1930 Alanson B. Houghton LL.D.  
Kemper K. Knapp LL.D.  
Arthur Peabody Litt.D.  
William Z. Ripley LL.D.  
Marvin B. Rosenberry LL.D.  
Harry L. Russell Sc.D.  
Lloyd R. Smith LL.D.  
1929 Zona G. Breese Litt.D.  
Walter W. Cook LL.D.  
Carl von Marr Litt.D.  
Walter C. Murray LL.D.  
Ole E. Rolvaag Litt.D.  
Chester H. Thordarson M.A.  
1928 George I. Haight M.A.  
Frederick Klaeber Litt.D.  
Gilbert N. Lewis Sc.D.  
Charles A. Lindbergh LL.D.  
Israel Shrimski M.A.  
John C. White M.E.  
1927 Maude Adams Litt.D.  
George D. Birkhoff Sc.D.  
Minnie M. Fiske Litt.D.  
Frank B. Jewett Sc.D.  
Dean D. Lewis Sc.D.  
Walter Lippmann LL.D.  
1926 Charles F. Burgess Sc.D.  
Hamlin Garland Litt.D.  
Louise P. Kellogg Litt.D.  
Max Mason LL.D.  
William S. Miller Sc.D.  
Alfred N. Whitehead Sc.D.  
1925 Otto Boberg Pharm.M.  
John M. Dodson Sc.D.  
Charles F. Harding LL.D.  
Louis H. Pammel Sc.D.  
Conrad E. Patzer M.A.  
Michael I. Rostovtzeff Litt.D.  
1924 Frank Billings Sc.D.  
Robert L. Cooley M.A.  
Walter J. Kohler M.A.  
Aad J. Vinje LL.D.  
1923 Edward P. Cheyney Litt.D.  
Richard T. Ely LL.D.  
John M. Manly Litt.D.  
E. Ray Stevens LL.D.  
The Svedberg Sc.D.  
1922 Francis G. Allinson Litt.D.  
William D. Hiestand M.A.  
Thomas H. Shastid Sc.D.  
Robert G. Siebecker LL.D.  
Walter A. Jessup LL.D.  
Charles R. Crane LL.D.  
1921 William E. Castle Sc.D.  
Gerhard M. Dahl M.A.  
Clyde S. McDowell Sc.D.  
William Schaus M.A.  
Frederick J. Turner Litt.D.  
1920 Thomas C. Chamberlin Sc.D.  
John B. Parkinson LL.D.  
Joel Stebbins Sc.D.  
Magnus Swenson LL.D.  
Alonzo E. Taylor LL.D.  
1919 Marcel Knecht LL.D.  
Samuel Plantz LL.D.  
1918 Leander M. Hoskins Sc.D.  
David Kinley LL.D.  
1917 Stephen M. Babcock Sc.D.  
Mary D. Bradford M.A.  
Paul S. Reinsch LL.D.  
1916 Ludvig Hektoen Sc.D.  
Burr W. Jones LL.D.  
1915 Edward A. Birge LL.D.  
Henry B. Favill LL.D.  
Charles F. Loweth C.E.  
1914 Balthasar H. Meyer LL.D.  
Erwin F. Smith Sc.D.  
1913 John W. Alvord C.E.  
Rupert Blue Sc.D.  
Florian Cajori Sc.D.  
Eugen Kuhnemann Litt.D.  
1912 James W. Bashford LL.D.  
1911 George H. Benzenberg Sc.D.  
Ernst Daenell LL.D.  
Max Friedlander LL.D.  
George Santayana Litt.D.  
Paul Shorey Litt.D.  
1910 Johann-Heinrich Graf von Bernstorff LL.D.  
Charles H. Haskins Litt.D.  
Franklin H. King Sc.D.  
1909 Emma H. Blair M.A.  
Jenkin L. Jones LL.D.  
Albert J. Ochsner LL.D.  
1908 James Bryce LL.D.  
Frederick B. Power LL.D.  
Calvin M. Woodward LL.D.  
1907 Liberty H. Bailey LL.D.  
Charles R. Evans M.A.  
1906 David J. F. Houston LL.D.  
Ernest Rutherford LL.D.  
John H. Wigmore LL.D.  
1905 John Bascom LL.D.  
John B. Cassoday LL.D.  
Carl Schurz LL.D.  
1904 Henry C. Adams LL.D.  
Jane Addams LL.D.  
James B. Angell LL.D.  
Henry P. Armsby LL.D.  
Joseph H. Beale, Jr. LL.D.  
Alexander C. Botkin LL.D.  
George L. Burr LL.D.  
Thomas C. Chamberlin LL.D.  
John Dewey LL.D.  
William G. Farlow LL.D.  
Kuno Francke LL.D.  
Grove K. Gilbert LL.D.  
David C. Gilman LL.D.  
William R. Harper LL.D.  
George Hempl LL.D.  
Richard H. Jesse LL.D.  
William E. Huntington LL.D.  
Theodor Lewald LL.D.  
Friedrich Wilhelm Graf Zu Limburg Stirum LL.D.  
Franklin P. Mall LL.D.  
Edward L. Mark LL.D.  
Eliakim H. Moore LL.D.  
Alfred Noble LL.D.  
Cyrus Northrup LL.D.  
George H. Noyes LL.D.  
Samuel L. Penfield LL.D.  
William Peterson LL.D.  
Herbert Putnam LL.D.  
Auguste Rateau LL.D.  
James F. Rhodes LL.D.  
Albert Shaw LL.D.  
Edgar F. Smith LL.D.  
Reuben G. Thwaites LL.D.  
Edward B. Titchenor LL.D.  
Benjamin I. Wheeler LL.D.  
James Wilson LL.D.  
John B. Winslow LL.D.  
Robert S. Woodward LL.D.  
1903 Edward P. Allis, Jr. LL.D.  
John Johnston LL.D.  
William M. Payne LL.D.  
1902 William W. Campbell LL.D.  
Minton Warner LL.D.  
William Trelease LL.D.  
1901 Robert M. LaFollette LL.D.  
Charles N. Gregory LL.D.  
1900 David J. Brewer LL.D.  
1898 James B. Ames LL.D.  
Henry L. Palmer LL.D.  
Magnus Swenson M.E.  
1897 Onward Bates C.E.  
Bernard E. Fernow LL.D.  
Harry B. Hutchins LL.D.  
John Muir LL.D.  
1895 Edwin R. Reynolds LL.D.  
Ellen Sabin M.A.  
Rose C. Swart M.A.  
Don J. Whittemore LL.D.  
1894 Samuel Fallows LL.D.  
J. L. High LL.D.  
George W. Peckham LL.D.  
John C. Spooner LL.D.  
1893 Romanzo Bunn LL.D.  
James G. Jenkins LL.D.  
W. P. Lyon LL.D.  
Anna R. Sheldon M.A.  
Frederick H. Wines LL.D.  
1888 Richmond Babbitt LL.D.  
John Johnston M.A.  
R. B. Anderson LL.D.  
1887 Nicholas Senn Ph.D.  
Edward D. Eaton LL.D.  
Charles F. Lamb M.A.  
Edward J. Paul M.A.  
1886 Edward S. Holden LL.D.  
1885 William F. Vilas LL.D.  
Rasmus B. Anderson B.A.  
1884 Joseph Ficklin LL.D.  
Emory McClintock Ph.D.  
Horace H. Morgan LL.D.  
1883 T. C. Chamberlin Ph.D.  
Henry Raab M.A.  
C. J. Perkins LL.B.  
Francis W. Hall LL.B.  
1882 Florence Kollock M.A.  
George Morrow M.A.  
Henry Draper LL.D.  
S. P. Langley LL.D.  
1881 Washington Gladden LL.D.  
1880 M. H. MacMahon M.A.  
Edwin F. Woodman C.E.  
1878 O. M. Conover LL.D.  
Hiram Barber M.A.  
Charles A. Hutchins M.A.  
1877 James Melville C.E.  
Charles H. Hall M.S.  
1876 William A. Browne LL.D.  
J. Q. Thornton M.A.  
1875 W. D. Parker M.A.  
Jairus H. Carpenter LL.D.  
1873 Cadwallader C. Washburn LL.D.  
Edward G. Ryan LL.D.  
Joseph Ficklin Ph.D.  
Samuel Shaw M.A.  
1872 William P. Lyon LL.D.  
Lyman C. Draper LL.D.  
1871 Sheppard S. Rockwood M.A.  
1870 J. W. Borchsenius M.A.  
1869 John C. Spooner M.A.  
Harlow S. Orton LL.D.  
Luther S. Dixon LL.D.  
Orsamus Cole LL.D.  
Byron Paine LL.D.  
1867 Hayden K. Smith M.A.  
1866 Russell Z. Mason LL.D.  
1856 Alfred L. Castleman M.D.  


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