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Memorial Resolutions

Memorial resolutions are prepared following the death of emeritus and current faculty members. These memorial resolutions recognize and record the deceased faculty member's achievements and contributions to the UW-Madison and become permanent records of the university upon their presentation to the Faculty Senate.

A department that learns of the death of one of its emeritus or current faculty should notify the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty. The department chair is asked to identify individuals who would be willing to prepare a memorial resolution, and the secretary of the faculty will appoint those individuals as the memorial committee.

The memorial committee prepares a resolution not to exceed two single-spaced pages. In addition, the committee prepares an abstract of no more than one hundred words, which is read at a Faculty Senate meeting. In accordance with Faculty Policies and Procedures 2.08.A., those two documents are filed with the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty at least two weeks in advance of the senate meeting at which the abstract will be presented. The department is also asked to send mailing addresses for the deceased's next of kin.

When the date of the senate meeting at which the abstract will be presented has been scheduled, the memorial committee chair should attempt to contact the deceased's next of kin (especially if they reside in the Madison area) so that they are aware of the upcoming recognition. Following the presentation of the abstract at the senate meeting, we will send copies of the resolution to the next of kin.

Please send electronic copies of the memorial resolution, 100-word abstract, and next-of-kin addresses to .

Memorial resolutions dating back to December 1998 are available on-line. Paper copies of resolutions dating before December 1998 are available from the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty upon request.

Call (608) 262-3956 or e-mail with questions about memorial resolutions.

View memorial resolutions from December 1998 to the present


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