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Faculty governance structure. The Faculty Senate is our chief governance body, and senators are representatives of the UW-Madison faculty. The University Committee is the executive committee of the Faculty Senate. The secretary of the faculty supports the University Committee, the Faculty Senate, and other governance committees, and oversees those activities for which faculty have primary responsibilities, e.g., divisional committees, dean search and screen committees, commencement. The secretary of the faculty is also available to any faculty to discuss concerns and give direction to the best method to address those concerns.

Senators' responsibilities:

Before the senate meeting, senators should:

How to share resources and access information:

During the senate meeting:

Chapter 36.09(4) of the Wisconsin statutes states: "The faculty of each institution, subject to the responsibilities and powers of the board, the president and the chancellor of such institution, shall be vested with responsibility for the immediate governance of such institution and shall actively participate in institutional policy development. As such, the faculty shall have the primary responsibility for academic and educational activities and faculty personnel matters. The faculty of each institution shall have the right to determine their own faculty organizational structure and to select representatives to participate in institutional governance."

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Steven K. Smith, Secretary of the Faculty

University of Wisconsin - Madison
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Madison, WI  53706-1380

Phone: (608) 262-3956

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